Colour and Geometry in Perfect Harmony; Danny Ivan

Portuguese artist Danny Ivan’s incredibly vibrant colours and spellbinding patterns adorn the most interesting designer cases at We’ve wanted to know more about the talented designer behind some of our most favourite cases and we have finally been able to chat with Danny.

artist Danny Ivan’s incredibly vibrant colours

Though he was born in Venezuela, Danny Ivan is Portuguese and he lives in Lisbon, a city he says is very easy to fall in love with. ‘Rad and unique food’, awesome weather and easygoing people are just some of the attractions of the capital of Portugal, according to him.

As you can imagine from looking at Danny’s work, most of it is purely digital. Like many of our artists we have featured recently, Danny creates his distinctive artwork with the InkPad app on an iPad and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop on an iMac. He also sketches on his iPhone.

Danny says he occasionally uses handmade textures or typography and he is currently working on a series that mixes mediums like graffiti, food and photography. All we can say is, if the results are even a bit as tasty looking as the Trio Donuts Case, bring it on!

Trio Donuts Case

As for inspirations for his designs, Danny says he loves energetic, vibrant people and moments and he always tries to express those kind of happy emotions in abstract forms. He says he has loved colours and geometry ever since he was young.

“Colours and geometric patterns is the way I see the world”

Colours and geometric patterns

According to him he uses these elements as they are universal and easily understood and he loves how colours interact with each other.

Danny went to college to study multimedia but he dropped out to focus on his work, now though, he is teaching himself 3D, so the learning for a creative person never stops.

Though he has some truly huge brands in his portfolio, like Starbucks and Adobe, Danny really admires Google’s work and he would like to get their attention and work with them. Another aspiration he has is working in the music industry. Danny says that listening to music is a large part of his life, it helps him be creative and stay focussed.

Danny confesses that India has always aroused an enormous curiosity in him so when we saw his brilliant artwork and approached him to offer his designs on, he gladly accepted.

What does he do when he isn’t spending time drawing on his iPad or making patterns on his computer? Danny loves films, sports, gaming on his PlayStation4 and on his iPhone. Currently, he says he is playing the Forgotten Shores expansion pack on the award winning, Monument Valley puzzle game.

You can see all of Danny Ivan’s beautiful designer cases on here, check out his website at or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.