Choose the Best Case for your Sunglasses with DailyObjects

People always put a lot of thought choosing their sunglasses. Whether they want classic aviators, clubmasters, cat-eye, or round, there’s a lot of contemplation that goes before actually buying one. And once you’ve bought these sunglasses, protecting them from scratches and damage becomes another task. Wherever you go, a big fat sunglass case is traveling with you in your bags, taking up all the space. Don’t you just wish your sunglasses would stay scratch-free without putting them in a sunglasses case box? If not even stay protected, but at least they take less space in your bags so you can fit in other essentials.

What if we tell you, we have a solution for this? What if your sunglass case can fold and take up as much space as a phone would take? Believe it or not, but it’s true. Our range of eyewear cases can be folded and kept in your bag. Once you’re done using your sunglasses for the day, you can simply put them back in. The triangular design of these sunglasses case box will still not take up so much space in your bag. Here is our list of pros for these sunglasses cases that will make you want to grab it the first chance you get.

Faux leather material

It’s not made out of just any material, these cases are made out of faux leather that give it a classier look, while the soft suede lining will keep your sunglasses protected from any scratches and damage.

DailyObjects Eyewear Case

Concealed magnetic fastening

The magnets to fasten this case are concealed behind the soft lining. This way, the magnets will not spoil the entire look of your case, and won’t even spoil the outer leather layer of it.

DailyObjects Sunglass Case

High-definition print quality

These sunglasses case box has a high-definition print quality so the box never loses its colour and the print won’t fade away.

More artwork

You don’t just get a few options, you get over 100 different artworks and prints to choose from. Believe it or not, we’ll have something that everyone will love. From floral designs to stripes, we have all kinds of colours and patterns.

DailyObjects Eyewear Case Lining

Classic eyewear case

If you’re not looking for a new design in sunglass cases, and would like to stick to a classic case, there’s something for you too. Our leather cases come in four different colours and are made out of hard shell and covered with PU leather. The solid colour of these cases make sure you’re never called basic, but classy.

DailyObjects Sunglass Cases

After all this said and done, you don’t have to compromise on anything, not even the looks of your case to choose your favourite. The magnetic fasting is hidden behind the lining of the case so it doesn’t spoil the appearance and if there’s a lack of space, DailyObjects has you covered again. Choose from the leather cases or the foldaway slim cases and protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage, but in style.