Chic designs to match your winter wardrobe

Winter is finally here and with that, it’s time to go all winter-y with the wardrobe. Winter is the time for love and something we all wait for throughout the year. Now that it is here, we all cannot wait to update our wardrobe to embrace the nip in the air. Winter is the time which is special in so many ways. The start of something new, the festive season, memories, love- all of these sum up winter. A season like this deserves something special. We at DailyObjects constantly strive to deliver something for everyone and make your everyday life better. These new designs for iPhone covers are just the covers your phone needed to match your wardrobe this winter. Gone are the days when phone covers were meant for protecting the phones. Today, phone covers and cases have become a part of our complete look. These new designs will take care of your winter wardrobe and how!

1. Stunning Stripes

Is there any occasion where you cannot flaunt stripes? Be it a work meeting or a fun evening with friends or a date, one can always carry stripes. These brand new designs with abstract stripes are what your iPhones have been waiting for. It is tough to not love stripes. These new patterns look like they are straight out of a colour shower. Whether you like colour pops, bright colours or dark ones, we have it all covered for you. These designs in stripes will complete your look and keep it minimal, whatever be the occasion.


Scarlet Pinstripes


Earthy Pinstripes


Ochre Pinstripes


Nautical Pinstripes

2. Pretty Polka dots

If there is something that can never go out of style, it is the retro look. Back in the day, fashion was all about going extra and over the top. These polka dotted phone covers are the perfect way to bring retro back in style again. Available in these major colours, whatever is your style, you can find whatever suits your style. These polka dotted phone covers will up your fashion several notches higher in true DailyObjects style.


Scarlet Polka


Nautical Polka


Earthy Polka


Ochre Polka

3. Charming Checks

Checks is the good old way of staying in style and keeping it classy without going too overboard. Checks are smart, minimalistic, effortless and enough to let you make a statement of your own.  We understand that and worked tirelessly to come up with this collection that has something for everyone. Whatever be the kind of checks that you like, you will find something in that collection that you will end up loving. These checks define class and elegance. Curate your own style and complete your look with these phone covers in checks.


Midnight Gingham



Pacific Plaid


Midnight Windowpane


Ruby Plaid


Crimson Gingham

4. Candid Colour Blocks

Colour blocks are the evergreen way to stay in style. There is no pattern that defines colours better than colour blocks. Neat blocks of colour that come together to create colour bombs. These colour blocked designer phone cases are what you need this winter to make a bold statement. The colours are classy, chic and bold at the same time and look like straight out of a rainbow. Get them today to turn heads wherever you go!


Space Candy


Indigo Blush


Bubble Splash


Organized Blast


Pine Night

We know you loved these covers and cannot wait to call them your own. Browse through the complete collection and choose the ones that you love and for your loved ones.

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