Designer Crossbody Bags Useful For Women While Traveling

They say you can’t keep a woman away from her bag. Or let’s just say you can’t keep women away from any bag. They need one with them at all times. Yes, we do. We can’t do without them, and we can’t do with just one either. Every occasion, every outing needs a new bag to go with a new look. The good thing about designer crossbody bags now is that you can match different designs with different outfits and looks. But you wouldn’t want these designs on the same bag, right? Where’s the variety? What if we told you there’s a place that’ll be perfect for you. It comes with a huge design collection and types of crossbody bags in India. 

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Hashtag Collection – A Collection Meant For The Millennials

Now days every millennial’s life revolves around the use of hashtags. It’s become a common text lingo, it’s also a way for all of us to search for things we love on social media platforms. Imagine a world where you could also meet like-minded people through hashtags? What’s the best way to do that? We have come up with a special collection, an ode to the millennial life by introducing hashtags on phone cases. You want to be the next big influencer? You’re a wanderer who’s always looking for another adventure? Or are you a food lover who believes food always comes first? Well, Hashtag Collection is your way to let people know what you’re into and find out what other people love. Here’s a peak at the new collection that’s waiting for you. 

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Tote Bags Online That Are Super Stylish and Fashionable

Girls, how many times have you spent extra minutes trying to find the right handbag to keep all your things for the day? Whether it’s stuffing your wallet after you’ve already put your laptop in, or it’s keeping your beach essentials on a trip, finding the right bag is a task. What if we tell you, we know about this struggle and that we also know of a super-sized bag that will very conveniently fit in your essentials and more! Yes, we’re talking about Tote Bags online that come in different shapes and sizes, but definitely more spacious than your regular handbags. We’ve curated a list of Tote Bags from our new collections that you should consider choosing from this season. These bags are made of Vegan Leather or strong canvas so they’re durable and environment-friendly. 


Vibes Collection Is Inspired By Moods You Can Relate To

We all go through different emotions and different moods throughout the day. Some end up making you feel lazy and some just end up with you needing a vacation. Vibes Collection is inspired by all these different moods so you can let everyone know and literally carry your mood with you everywhere. This bright, colourful collection is the perfect way to let people know what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it. Here’s a look at thirteen new phone case designs you can pick from based on your mood. What even better? You can change them whenever your mood changes. 


Girls Crossbody Bags That Are Must-Haves This Season

Every time you end up making a plan with your gang, you’re looking for a little bag to carry all your essentials. Autumn is when you need a bag big enough to carry a light jacket or sweater and other times, you’re looking for a compact crossbody bag that can easily fit in some cash, cards and a little make-up for your touch ups. But there’s no bag that can easily fit all of it. Sometimes designer and sometimes a classic solid colour, girls crossbody bags are in abundance in the market, but are you sure you’re getting the quality you deserve? DailyObjects has a huge range of girls crossbody bags in different shapes, sizes and designs without compromising on the quality. Here is a list of crossbody bags for travel that you really need to invest in before your next outing.

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Oneplus 7T Covers Have A New Look

We’re three months down the line and Oneplus has already started created buzz around a new addition in the Oneplus 7 series. Yes, you must’ve heard of it too. Clearly, Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7T will differ in terms of features. One very obvious visual difference is the camera and how it’s set in the phone. Oneplus 7 had a dual camera at the back in a linear format, but Oneplus 7T is said to be launched with a triple camera in a circular format. First, Apple comes up with a square housing for their new launch, and now Oneplus is bringing circular housing in top-end models. Our smartphone makers sure love shapes. Think of how different Oneplus 7T covers would look. Apart from this physical difference, Oneplus 7T is rumoured to have twenty percent better performance than Oneplus 7. Defintely an upgrade we all need. 


Wall Poster Online For Your Walls To Make Them Trendy

As a famous interior designer once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love,” and we couldn’t agree more. How else are you supposed to express what kind of a person you are if not through your home? How else will you feel at home? Some people just like to fill their home with their favourite colour, and some just like to add a lot of furniture to make it homely. Others, they just find little things that perfectly describe who they are as a person. Those little things that express the way you feel can also be through wall poster online. So, if you’re looking to revamp your house anytime soon, this is something you should definitely go through.

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iPhone 11 Cases Trending In India

Now that Apple has launched the new iPhone 11, we know you can’t wait for it to get delivered. All of us have our eyes set on the new launches and we’re already planning when we’re going to upgrade. If you’ve already made up your mind, you need to be completely ready for it when it arrives. So how exactly can you be prepared for your new phone? Of course, the first thing you need is an iPhone 11 cases. The second is obviously a screen protector. Can’t have you breaking the screen already, can we? We’ve curated a list of trending cases for you so you can pick what you love!

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Impressive Line-ups Of Protective And Designer Cases Of The New iPhone 11

It’s September already and we’re all waiting for the new Apple iPhone; waiting to find out what this phone has in store for us. With so many rumours about the new look and all the technology upgrades, we can easily tell people cannot wait for the launch event. What features the phone will have, we don’t know for sure. But at least we know it’ll definitely make the loudest cheer in the crowd. So while you’re glued to your television or phone screens, waiting to see what the new iPhone is priced at, make sure you’re well prepared for when you actually receive your pre-ordered phone. You don’t want your phone to get damaged while you’re unboxing it. Believe us, it’s the worst feeling when you drop your phone on the first day. We don’t really want you to go through that pain, which is why you can find iPhone 11 cases on the DailyObjects website. It’s never too bad to be fully prepared for what’s coming, right? Especially when what you’re waiting for is Apple’s new launch. Here’s a list of all the protective iPhone 11 cases you can buy for your new phone. Continue reading “Impressive Line-ups Of Protective And Designer Cases Of The New iPhone 11”

What Is The Buzz Around Apple’s Upcoming Launch?

It’s September already and the market has already started buzzing about the new Apple launch. Every year, like clockwork, the internet is flooded with rumours about the next Apple event. The only thing people are asking each other is, “do you think this one will be bigger than X?”, “what new features are they going to come up with?”. These are just some of the many things we hear people ask. But why exactly is September such a big deal for everyone? Well, September comes with the biggest event of the year for the entire world. People from all over sit watching the event live and wait for the new launches. The biggest, of course, remains the iPhone. With a rapid increase in the smartphone market, people have started expecting more and more features with every release. Not that the companies aren’t able to comply with the demands. In 2019, the biggest shout is for the iPhone 11. People have already started guessing what the new model will have in store for them and some have started planning their next phone. A little research here and there gives them an idea of what the new iPhone 11 will look like. Once they are sure this is what they’re buying, the search for the best iPhone 11 cases begins for them; you’re not going to keep your brand-new phone without a cover, are you? Continue reading “What Is The Buzz Around Apple’s Upcoming Launch?”