At DailyObjects, we are helping your Resolutions!


As 2019 opens up on all, we have our minds and new leather diaries marked up with resolutions. We have the people who had their ‘Ready, Steady, GO!’ on move with 1st January in their paper fresh calendars. However, we also have our group of latecomers ready for the coming fight. They did not start then, but now they will. They actually took the first 16 days to decide on its firmness and what better? A resolution started late is better than a resolution never started. Isn’t it?

We at DailyObjects are here to help you all with your new, old, late resolutions that need our BRAND support. DailyObjects will help you support the three most popular from the top list of 21st-century human resolutions. We are talking of your cash, your newly acquired management OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and grooming plans. From our wide range of products, here are a few that will help you with your resolution with us.

1. Don’t Ash that Cash!

Do not do that. You have spent enough on the last day of your past. Now, you are to save up with Wallets that one can never go wrong with.

Women’s Classic Wallets

Made with PU leather and an Ultra HD Image Quality Print, these wallets have a YKK Zipper. These can hold up to 9 cards and has one slip-in pocket for bills and cash. With two open compartments to fit the phone, it is easy to fit in a bag. It is a perfect companion for your assured cash security.

Womens Wallet

Slim Classic Billfold Wallet

Made with genuine day-milled leather, this wallet can hold up to 10 cards. It has one pocket for bills and cash and is easy to fit in the pockets. This is your perfect partner to keep your billings pocket-friendly.

Slim Classic Billfold


2. Take your Tiptop Pledge

Take your pledge to keep yourself more organized this year. Manage your work and life better with the products that we bring for a companionship.


Buy from our wide range of chic notebooks to write your to-do lists and all else that help your management. Our slim and spiral notebooks come in thick matte laminated covers and have 96 pages of plain natural shade papers. The covers have exclusive artworks to pep up your management drive. Our notebooks ensure your plans a durable elegance.



Our pouches made with Ballistic Nylon have a soft poly-cotton lining and a two-year warranty.  These pouches help you manage your stationary and all else that need a common room. With our pouches, keep your pledge in style.



Our perfect form-fitting tablet and laptop sleeves are lightweight and easy to use. Made with washable ballistic nylon we offer you a year’s warranty. These sleeves help you trim your mess and keep it looking all in place.

Nylon Sleeves


3.The Jazz-up Campaign

A new year is the best time to start your grooming all-together. This includes what you think, what you do, what you wear, and what you carry. We at DailyObjects are providing you with the most stylish Orbis Crossbody Bags to help you aid the mission.

Designer Orbis Crossbody Bags

Made with durable PU leather, these bags have the perfect design for your Jazz up and plenty of room for all your necessities. Buy one of your own to go with the new you.

Orbis Crossbody Bag


Last year was a great time and the New Year is similarly going to be so.  Allow us to help you with all that you need to run your mission right. May your Resolutions come true!