Artist in Focus: Monika Strigel

At dailyobjects we love all our artists but we confess, we really love some of our artists. One of our favourites is Monika Strigel, from Bavaria in Germany.

Monika’s vibrant, colourful artwork is a reflection of her happy, upbeat personality and her funny, inspirational quotes are some of our favourite designer cases.

Monika Strigel DailyObjects

Monica almost never became an artist though and the story of how her designs came to be sold to thousands of Indians, is very interesting.

As a child, Monica says as soon as she first held a pencil, she remembers drawing and scribbling, every single minute, covering her school exercise book swith patterns, lines, flowers, doodles and quotes.

At the age of ten, her first art teacher told her to study painting because he saw
a talent for art in her. Much like an Indian kid however, her parents wanted her to pursue a ‘serious’ profession, so Monika ended up working in a bank for eighteen long years.

It was almost two decades later, when she became a housewife and a mother with two children, two dogs and a cats, that Monika picked up a pencil again.

One day she started doodling on a sheet of paper while on the phone with a friend. Another friend happened to see her doodles and pushed Monika to open an artist account with an online art site in the US.

Monika made friends with other artists who told her about dailyobjects and one of them invited her to speak with us. We instantly loved Monika’s fun, friendly, quirky and adorable personality; all of which is reflected in her amazing designs.

The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Monika offers nearly 300 gorgeous designer smartphone cases in India exclusively at

Monika has this to say about her design process and her latest collections…

My animal drawings, my typography and the Fashion Glitter Designs are showing my girly side in me and the Never Stop Exploring series is apart of my very hilarious brain.

Every single design is a process of lots of hours of drawing, editing, adjusting and checking the impression of the whole design. I really want to see my customers happy – I want to bring a smile to their face, every time they see their case. That is my goal.

I love to see customers posting pics of my cases all around the world and they tell me how much they love my work. THAT is awesome and makes me totally happy.

 Monika’s artwork makes thousands of customers and all of us at dailyobjects happy as well!

If you have a Monika Strigel case and you want to make her totally happy, post a selfie with #ILoveMonika. You can also follow her on Twitter or like her Facebook Page