People have said Alex Ander is a genius. They’re dead wrong. Anyone who says that is an idiot. Including him. Especially him.

He’s more of a dreamer. A watcher and gullible weirdo– perpetual optimist, even from within the lion’s den. He’s the type of guy who’d rather write in the third person than acknowledge the “I”.

Does really he think he’s that special? No. He doesn’t think much at all.

 “ But who IS he? ” He’s said to be a



And occasionally known as an


and as the


Alex was raised by a pack of chihuahuas. Or rather, he was raised in a house run by chihuahuas. Well, to be more accurate, the chihuahua to people ratio was 2.5:1– let’s just say they ran the show. Yes, there was a hierarchy, and yes, he was at the bottom of it.

People commonly ask if he could tell them apart. He’d giggle and answer, “yes, by the sound of their nails on the hardwood floor”.

It’s rumored he


At 5:12am Alex hung up the phone with his best friend. They both agreed that there’s no way this’ll actually work…

Regardless, he put on his deepest, raspiest-man-voice and dialed the head-room parent.
“Hi J— [omitted], this is the principle. I’m sorry to wake you so early but we seem to have a drainage problem at school and with all the flooding, i don’t think it’s safe to have students on campus today”. The groggy voice on the other end of the line paused, sighed, paused again, and said, “The Phone Tree has been activated”. Both promptly hung up.

An hour later, Alex’s mom came in to inform him that school had been canceled.

That morning, when the teachers arrived at school, there wasn’t a student to be found. They had to re-activate the phone tree to let the parents know it was a prank. By then, it was far too late.

Years later, the students & administration still tell the tale.

He strongly



Alex started shooting photos at age 12 after feigning sick and deciding not to go to school. This started his downward spiral into the arts.

By age 16, he was working as an assistant in the film industry, bringing people coffee and serving as the dart board for their neuroses. Quickly, he had to get comfortable around people with cathedral-sized egos and celebrities. But hey, it was all part of the job.

Since then, he’s worked with some of the industry’s top creators, all while producing a ton of personal work; mostly photography and film, but some design, as well. He continues to maintain that he’s not an artist and just can’t seem to understand why so many disagree.

According to him, he should be stored in a cabinet of curiosities, filed under “frazzled slutmuffin”.


This is what he had to say about his home city of Los Angeles:

“Aaaahhhh Los Angeles. Just hearing those words is like snuggling up to a warm blanket on a cool winter night.

I love the city of Los Angeles. Yes, it’s sunny. Yes, it’s filled with beautiful people. Yes, the food is awesome. But all of that is secondary. There’s something special about this place– besides Hollywood; besides the glitz and glamour. What’s incredible about Los Angeles is that it’s every city in one. Within an hour you have the beach, the forest, the snow, farmlands and desert, skyscrapers and rolling hills of grass.

I’ve lived here my whole life and i’m constantly finding new places to explore. This the creative capitals of the world, the lighting is beautiful, and the city attracts the best talent.

The mayor once remarked that it’s the western capital of the United States, the northern most capital of central america, and the eastern most capital of Asia. I think he’s right. It’s a blend of cultures from all over the world. Frank Lloyd Wright once remarked, “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”

He has the



Alex has mentored under Matthew Arnold & James Cox.
They taught him the ropes and toughened him up.

He’s worked on projects for Disney, NBC, Nike, Lionsgate, Legendary Pictures, Sony, Warrior Poets, Virgin Records, and so, so many more.

You may have seen his work in Digital Photo Pro, HD Video Pro, Hello Magazine, NBC News CT, Fox News Now, the ZOE report, InStyle Magazine, or others.

Oh, and also, he did a project for this little thing called, Star Wars, if you’ve heard of it.

And if there’s one thing he believes, it’s that


The most important take away: he’s


You can see MUCH more of his work on Instagram.

Or, if you absolutely must, connect with him on linkedin. He’d rather you didn’t though. He’d rather you go look at his art and all the products it is available as, at