Affordable Multi-purpose Designer Pouches for the Summer

Throughout the year, our little accessories are stored in boxes in cupboards. What happens when you’re supposed to go on a trip, and carry them with you in a suitcase? Especially when you need to keep your things organized and keep the weight of your suitcase in check. That’s when we all are running around, trying to find one little bag to fit-in all our make-up, cables, jewelry, rubber ties and everything else you might need on the trip, or looking to buy pouches online to keep things organized. We have solved this problem and come up with 5 different types of pouches you can use to store your essentials, either at home or when you’re packing for a vacation.

Felt Pouch

These are made of felt material with a soft poly-cotton lining. The size of this pouch makes it perfect for you to store a small notebook, pen, or even your phone to keep it safe in your handbag. The leather detailing on these pouches gives it the sophistication you’re looking for. These come in 3 different colours – Ink Blue, Duster Green and Blackboard Grey for you to choose from and buy pouches online.

Grey Felt Pouch

Designer Elemental Pouch

These 20cm long elemental pouches are made of faux leather and can easily fit your pens, pencils and even make-up brushes. We all know how difficult it is to store make-up brushes. The best part about these pouches is, they come in two different types – simple and classy faux leather, and quirky designer canvas leather pouches. It’s easy to buy pouches online India on DailyObjects that will match with your personality. Both the pouches have an inner polyester lining to avoid damaging the pouch as well as the things you store in them.

DailyObjects Designer Elemental Pouch

Metallic Pouches

Of course, the size of these pouches aren’t any different from our felt pouch, but the way this one looks definitely is. Sometimes, even a little bling can help you go from nay to yay. These pouches come in two different styles – one that’s half matte leather and half metallic leather, and the other that’s completely metallic. The best part? They come in 3 different sizes so all the pouches you use to store your accessories are matching with each other. You can choose the colour you love from 4 different options.

DailyObjects Metallic Pouch

Ballistic Nylon Pouches

Another classic pouch to keep your essentials is our nylon pouch. These pouches too come as a combination of 3 different sizes and 2 different colours. These are tear resistant with a soft polyester lining and can easily fit essentials for your trip. You can choose from a basic black colour, or a classic blue colour, or you can even go for both if you have a lot of things to store.

DailyObjects Ballistic Nylon Blue Pouch

Canvas Designer Pouches

These pouches are made of strong cotton fabric with a realistic print quality. We believe your pouch should never lose its charm, and so we give you a 2-year warranty when you buy pouches online on DailyObjects. These designer canvas pouches can store your make-up or stationery easily.

DailyObjects Designer Canvas Pouch

So if you’re looking for travel pouches online India that you can carry on your vacations easily, you know where to buy them from. With 5 different types, and over 50 design options, we make sure we have something to offer to all of you.