7 of the best designer passport wallets and covers for this summer travel

It’s that time of the year again when families plan their trip for the summer break, and friends look for new adventures and places to explore. If you’re already planning your next international trip, you’ve probably started making your checklist for the vacation. But are you sure you’ve covered it all?

Do have something to store your passport, bills, and maybe plastic money? We have one thing that’ll store it all safely in one place. DailyObjects’ passport wallet has enough space to store two passports, more than a few cards, a separate pocket to keep you cash, a pocket for a small notebook and a change pocket. Imagine carrying all of it one small wallet. Convenient, compact and organized, isn’t it? And if you don’t want to use so much space for a wallet, we have Passport Covers that will be convenient too. Your next question is probably which designer passport wallet or cover should you buy. We’re here to make that task a little easy for you. We’ve listed 7 best designs that’ll surely look as stylish as it is compact and organized.

Black and White Triangles Passport Wallet

DailyObjects BW Triangles Passport Wallet

It never hurts to go basic with your prints. You can never go wrong with a black and white pattern. The simplicity of it is what makes it one of the best passport wallet for travel. It’ll hold all your essentials in an organized manner.

Adventure Map Passport Cover

DailyObjects Adventure Map Passport Cover

Well if you’re quite literally heading out for an adventure, what better way to show it than with this passport cover or passport wallet online? The scrabble-piece style of font means you’re working towards more and more adventures, place by place.

Beach Day Passport Cover

DailyObjects Beach Day Passport Cover

Are you one of the water babies? Does the sight of a beach and the sound of waves crashing again a rock keep you calm? This passport wallet leather design is a tribute to you. Your slippers in a corner while you get to walk on sand barefoot is exactly the situation you want to be in. Whether you buy the passport cover, or you go for the wallet, your love for the beach will always stay with you.

Explore Dream Discover Passport Cover

DailyObjects Explore Discover Passport Cover

When the sound of cool wind blowing across your face makes you smile a little, you know the hills are your calling. If you love to take a trek down an unknown path to see where it’ll lead you, and what is in store for you, our passport cover or passport wallet Indiais the best one for you to carry around the world. You don’t have to fill all the pockets with cards and bills, you can fill them with little souvenirs from the trip.

Camo Travel Passport Cover

DailyObjects Camo Passport Cover

You can never go wrong with a classic camouflage print for anything. Be it a passport cover, a phone case, or even a passport wallet for that matter. So, if you don’t like to stray away from the classics, DailyObjects’ Camo Passport Cover is the perfect choice for you.

Wrinkled World Map Travel Organizer

DailyObjects Wrinkled Map Passport Wallet

Another classic is a world map, but we have a twist to that. We’ve given the print an old and wrinkled feel for the world travelers. Let’s just say this wallet can be a kick-start to your world tour plans.

Stamps and Maps Sepia Passport Cover

DailyObjects Stamps Sepia Passport Cover

If you have a list of places you want to visit or your goal is to end up traveling the world, our Stamps and Maps Sepia cover is the best fit. This is a cover that will inspire you to get all the stamps on your passport rather than just have it printed on your cover.

In the end, whether you like prints, or a basic pattern, these passport covers and passport wallet leather mens, can also be used by women. The best part is, every design is unisex and it keeps all your important papers in one place.