7 Designer Backpacks Everyone Wants to Own

There are things you need to carry around with you every day. Whether you’re heading out for a day with friends, or you’re on your way to work, you will always need space to keep your wallet, charger and a few other things. What’s the best way to carry these things, you ask? It’ll definitely be a compact backpack that you can carry around with you. Of course, we’re talking about the bags that are trendy and a fashion statement in itself. Even if you like the simple ones, that’s okay, because simple doesn’t mean it’s boring. We can give you a list of basic, as well as designer backpacks that will definitely grab all the eyeballs, while giving you a lot of space to keep all your essentials for the day. If you’re looking to buy backpack online, your search has ended here. DailyObjects is the best place for you to explore and choose from a huge range of backpacks; a trendy Drawstring Backpack to keep it casual, or a City Compact Backpack so you’re out on the streets with a classic.

The Natural Cream and Black City Compact Backpack is the perfect style statement to complement any outfit. Whether you’re keeping it bright with summer shades or you’re thinking of sticking to a basic black, this bag will definitely stand out in a crowd and take your OOTD a notch higher.

DailyObjects Cream City Compact

Another one of the classic designer backpacks would be the Ballistic Nylon City Compact one. You can choose between two colours, back and blue and carry it anywhere, anytime. The size of this backpack makes it perfect to fit in a small and sleek laptop, along with a few more essentials you’d need during the day.

 Ballistic Nylon Backpack

If you’re into cute and colourful backpacks to carry with you to work or even a day out in the open, DailyObjects has a range of designs that you’ll love. From floral, to patterns, to colours, there’s so much to choose from, and if you can’t decide between the different designs, and love different patches stitched together, you could go for the Decorative Pixel City Compact Backpack. It has different patterns in different colours. It’s the perfect choice for someone who can’t make up their mind and pick a specific design.

DailyObjects Patches Backpack

Another minimalistic backpack that’ll look classy and cute is the Monstera Pattern City Compact Backpack. You can pull it off with any outfit and fit all your essentials for the day when you head out. You know that bottle of water that you’re supposed to take with you everywhere in the summer? Yes, that won’t be a problem for you anymore. Buy backpack online India and carry it anywhere.

Monstera Backpack

Now that you know top four City Compact Backpacks, there’s another backpack that you can choose from. A simple, yet classic Drawstring Backpack that was all the craze once, is back again, but this time with a premium touch. DailyObjects brings you Drawstring Backpacks made of Faux Leather or designer canvas ones to match with your style.

Truck Drawstring Backpack

You could either pick a solid colour made out of Faux Leather, or you could choose a summery colour to go with your mood. Whatever you choose, you’ll be carrying all your essentials in a trendy backpack.

 Tan Drawstring Backpack

Polkadot Drawstring Backpack

Whether you like to carry a classic backpack, or like to keep it casual or athletic, there’s something on DailyObjects that’ll match your lifestyle. You could either buy a cheap designer backpack that you’ll tear in a few months or you could visit the website and invest in something more stylish.