Our 10 favourite #dailyobjects photographs from you!

Everyone at Team DailyObjects is always thrilled when our customers Tweet and post photos of their #dailyobjects on Instagram or Facebook. We love seeing how people use their #dailyobjects, what they use them with and how they become part of their personal style statements and indeed, their lives. Continue reading “Our 10 favourite #dailyobjects photographs from you!”

Our favourite #dailyobjects selfies (and photos) with friends!

Since the 7th of August is friendship day, we’d thought we’d celebrate the event by posting just a few of our favourite #dailyobjects photos from customers. Over the years, we’ve seen and reposted hundreds of great customer photos but some of the best and most heartwarming pictures we’ve seen are the ones taken with friends. Continue reading “Our favourite #dailyobjects selfies (and photos) with friends!”