Hippie at Heart: The Bohemian Styling of Loujah.

LouJah is the artist behind some of the prettiest designer cases on dailyobjects.com. Most of her artwork is a combination of pencilled or penned lines with subdued, almost watercolour like palettes that appeal to people who like cases that are subtle yet classy. Continue reading “Hippie at Heart: The Bohemian Styling of Loujah.”

Introducing #ToughCases: Style+Protection for Your Smartphone.

We’ve all experienced that heart-stopping moment. You’re distracted for just a second or your mind is elsewhere and you fumble. Your phone slips out of your hand. You grab for it in a panic but only catch air and your precious new smartphone hits the floor hard, with a sickening crunch. Continue reading “Introducing #ToughCases: Style+Protection for Your Smartphone.”