11 Photos that capture the rawness and glory of the Pushkar Fair 2018

If you had to answer what is the most mesmerizing thing about India, what would your answer be? We are sure it would not take much time to say that it’s huge diversity of rich culture is one of the reasons. With 29 states and huge cultural diversity, the country is rich in heritage and traditions. Not just that, it’s festivals, carnivals, fairs everything is extravagant. One can never categorize all them because it is technically impossible to do so. Each of these festivals and events is unique in their own way with their own history, the way they are held and celebrated.

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One of the most famous and unique events that India witnesses is the ongoing Pushkar Festival. Every year this festival attracts people every nook and corner of not only the country, but from the entire world. People flock in huge numbers just to catch a glimpse of this royal extravaganza. Pushkar Mela is held in Rajasthan every year in the month of Kartik, according to the Hindu calendar. It is a cultural extravaganza that is held over a period of many days. It is a fete of camels, horse and cattle where men trade off the animals. There are numerous handicrafts shops from where people shop unique Rajasthani products. The Pushkar Fair starts off with a camel race and over the next few days, the festivities continue over music festivals, dance events and exhibitions.

Photographer Aman Chotani happened to be at the Pushkar Fair 2018 and he captured these amazing candid shots. These photographs will transfer you to Pushkar Fair even if you have never been there. Here, have a look.

Pushkar Fair 2018 Photos


Cattle owners are waiting to dress up their camels and get them ready for the festival.


A candid shot that captures them cooking meals and on a break from exhibiting their camels.


When they found a way to deal with the nip in the air at night.


We love how this man looks candidly at the camera while he is about to get ready to go out with his herd of camels.


Another candid shot that captures the men in action.


We love how aesthetically this has been shot. As the day draws towards an end, the camel seems to be unwinding.


A man getting his camel ready for the festival.


A photo that shows the Pushkar Fair in all its grandeur.


The grand camel race.

Don’t they all look mesmerizing? We do not get to see something this majestic and grand everyday. We are in absolute awe of these pictures.

Picture credits: Aman Chotani