10 Classic iPhone Cases We Love!

DailyObjects has over 7000 amazing designer cases available for almost every really popular phone in India. There are designs for everyone and no matter what your personal sense of style or personality, there’s definitely a DailyObjects designer phone case that is perfect for you. Some designs though, are just so classic that we think anyone will love them and almost anyone can carry them off. These designs are timeless rather than trendy and more classy & stylish rather than fashionable at the moment.

If you are looking for a case that is sure to keep looking interesting for a long time and one that will get you compliments from almost everyone who sees it, these cases are the ones to go for.

Not only are these cases our favourites but they are also extremely popular with our customers because they remain crowd favourites even though some of them have been around for a long time. Also, even though these cases are our favourite iPhone cases, they are available for more than a hundred different phone models in India. So no matter what phone you have, there’s a very good chance these cases are available for it.

1. Blue is perhaps our favourite colour and this Inked Blue case is an interesting yet understated design that combines dozens of blue hues into something truly beautiful!


2. Speaking of colours, is there anything more classic than black and white stripes? We love the bold blocky design of this Vintage Black Stripes case and the fact that it will go well with any outfit. It’s very sober and still a bold style statement that is sure to get you second looks and admiring glances.


3. Alright, one more stripey design. This Summer Time Classic case combines three colours that you wouldn’t normally think would go well together but who knew that grey, yellow and white work so well!


4. Here’s the joker in the pack. This one is a custom iPhone case from DailyObjects, that we think is a classic. A create-your-own-classic, if you will. If you’re not a fan of black and white or muted colour palettes, use your own design to create a custom case as bold as you!


5. What if you like chevrons but want something a little less loud? How about the cool cream on white hues of this Silver Sparkle Chevron Designer Case?


6. Alright, this White Cassette designer case isn’t really a classic in the same way as all the rest of the cases in this list but for those of us who grew up listening to audio cassette tapes, it is classic in a retro fashion. It’s also one of the perennial favourites of DailyObjects customers.


7. Our gorgeous real wood cases are truly one-of-a-kind and unlike anything else you can buy in India. This Apple Logo Real Wood Maple case features real wood, available in four different natural finishes and makes a truly classic companion to the iPhone 7 Plus show in the photo.


8. Another beautiful yet subtle case with an interesting geometric design that almost looks three-dimensional is our Singularity Abstract designer case.


9. A favourite among DailyObjects customers is this Hipster Icons designer case. If you’re a fan of clean black & white designs and cute patterns, or if you’e a bit of an Anglophile, this is the case for you!


10. And finally, our Lakota Dream Catcher designer case featuring one of the most popular themes among DailyObjects customers, a Dreamcatcher. Seen here with the matching designer notebook that DailyObjects customer Hetvi got herself. We can’t think of a more stylish pair of personal accessories to carry around with you!


So there you have it. Ten of our favourite iPhone cases that we think are classics. But you don’t have to take it from us. You can find your own classic designer cases for your iPhone or whatever phone you have, at dailyobjects.com So head-on over and we hope you find a case you’ll love. Happy shopping!