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World’s Best Tattoos in Tattoo Designs Collection Of DailyObjects.com

Are you a Tattoo fan who lives in India? If yes then we have a huge reason for you to be in love with us. We've just updated our e-store with some new Tattoo designs and opportunity to get them as mobile covers and cases. To make sure the long life of Tattoos we print them using MTTT technology and launched an entire range of mobiles cases based on Tattoo designs for men and women. So now you know where to get a tattoo done in India not for your skin but for your smartphone's skin. Enough said, click on below picture, choose the smartphone you own and get ready to be impressed with some killer patterns.

Tattoo Cases


Till date this collection is one of our all time favorite with Bollywood-Hollywood and Sports collection, The detailing of individual designs and tattoo fonts are heart winning. We're developing a much cooler tattoo lettering as well. There are so many reasons to have these mobile cases but if you think you already have a killer tattoo or you're getting inked in some time don't forget to try our custom case in which you can create your own private mobile case with your own tattoos or image printed over it. There is no match of a mobile cover like that, with your tattoo design or a collage of all personal piercings plus tattoos. Do you know any friend of your's who will be surprised to get a tattoo case from you? Designer or Custom as you please!

Galaxy s5 cases India

Best Five Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

After the successful Galaxy S4 and Note3 cases we opened the doors of our gold mine aka online store for Galaxy S5 cases first and exclusive range for India. So today we’re sharing the cases which successfully impressed early birds and brought us tons of pre-orders. All these cases are now live and ready to ship the very same day of order.


1. The Raven – This case probably got lucky due to the craze of all new season of Game Of Thrones. Always remember “Bros before Crows”.



2. The Royal Black Cab – If you’re a fan of ‘simply vintage’ this case is going to catch your eyes, the minimal slogan below the elegant car says – It’s a royal black one.



3. The Change – Be the change you want to see in the world, if not taken otherwise this is indeed a good saying credited to Mahatma Gandhi. Do you want to be the brand ambassador of this thought? Grab this cool case.



4. Dream Catcher – Lacota dream catcher is all time favorite case of our customers for all models, it is most sold case for iPad Air. Story behind dream catcher is well known, the good is captured in the web of life and carried with the people, but the evil in their dreams drops through the hole in the web and are no longer a part of their lives. It is said the dream catcher holds the destiny of the future.



5. Classic BatmanWe have a huge range of personality cases including batman, but this case was spotted by few people and they figured the sketch art is actually different and makes more sense to old comics and characters.



So these were the top five of best cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 till date and we’re quite impressed by the fact that people scroll all over to check the whole range to dig the best case out. It’s always fun finding what you love or even printing your own case with your favorite picture. To add more enthusiasm in your shopping we would love to tell that these cases can only be made by us in India, designs are exclusively licensed and copyright protected as well as no other vendor have this MT cube technology to print which gives us liberty of giving an one year warranty.

Galaxy s5 cases

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases Launched

Samsung has announced its flagship model the galaxy S5 which is expected to be released in India soon, meanwhile we were not able to sit idle and wait for the official launch of this Smartphone so we created all of our designer galaxy S5 cases ahead of the launch and listed them here for sale. 

Samsung Galaxy s5

What's new in Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 is launched to beat every other flagship model of every other brand, it wins the war of specifications and comparison between S5 vs S4 vs 5S vs Nexus 5. 


The major new upgrades from previous galaxy S4

1. Paypal certified finger print censor

2. IP67 certified water/dust resistant

3. Good with water till 1 meter down and 30 minutes.

4. Extendable memory card slot for upto 128 GB, just double than galaxy S4

5. Incredible camera – the powerful one

6. Android version 4.4.2 (Kitkat)

7. 2800 mAh Battery – 21 hours of talktime

8. Ready to buy designer cases at dailyobjects.com ;)

This time as we heard from press as well as rumours are this galaxy S5 is going to be launched at a heavy price tag somewhere between 51k – 56k. Let see how folks respond to this truck load of asking price. 

At DailyObjects we are so sure this thing is going to sell and we are ready to welcome new Samsung baby with our killer wardrobe of designer galaxy S5 cases. All cases are available to be shipped same day with no extra shipping charge. We ship same day and shipping is absolutely free.

Minimal Bollywood cases

Minimal Bollywood Posters Now As Mobile Cases

Good news for Bollywood fans, a range of Minimal Bollywood Posters as mobile cases is exclusively available with us. There are some pun posters buzzing social media already and we've got some compatible one's for our designer case segment, we're now up with so many different and entertaining pieces intending pun over few famous Bollywood situations and movies.


Bollywood Cases & Cover

The Bollywood love making – Before Emraan Hashmi's Debut ;)

DailyObjects Two Flowers Case For iPhone 5/5S

Want to get more witty?

Bollywood dialogs


Love it or say you like Hollywood but still Bollywood is something which makes us happy (serious pun intended, no?) Whatever, we have a cool range of Hollywood posters too so it's a win win for you.


Hollywood teaser the Bat Case

DailyObjects Batman Moon Case For iPhone 5/5S

By the way, if you think there is something you want to get printed on a mobile case click here and create your own case by just uploading any picture you want. All these Bollywood, Hollywood and Custom cases are available for 30+ top selling smartphones and tablets by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Google and Blackberry. 

Parrot AR Drone Review

Buy Parrot AR Drone Online in India

Some call them the drone aircrafts and some the remote controlled Helicopter but we know the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is neither like a stealth gadget nor a toy but it’s a smartphone/tablet’s wi-fi controlled quadricopter with HD recording features.

You can buy AR DRONE from here; all of the available models are featured by Parrot on our online store. We’re getting awesome reviews from geeks and hobbyists who purchased it from us earlier.

Find prices and specs of Drones by Parrot at this dedicated page


Here are some reviews from popular gadget sites:-


Folks at PCMAG suggested that it’s not just a joy helicopter it’s something more than that and just below the PRO thing for ultra professionals. It means it’s like a flying go-pro but not a full HD maximum detailing device.


PL rated it very well for being bloody good fun, reasonably easy to control, fast and agile etc. These guys were a bit unsatisfied by battery back-up but in comments a mod said it’s enhanced. PS. Their demo unit attracted bees ;)  Verdict – So all things considered, if you've got the money, this little drone is well worth your investment.


Folks were happy with the flying time and recorder as well as suggested some new features for the next generation drone without effecting your buying decision.



If you didn’t get an AR Drone on Christmas, we can only hope you have a birthday coming up soon. 


In hand-on review, good guys were happy with the dive protection and new added features. Well improved sensors as well as cool recording to impress virtual pilots.

If you want to see an interactive video here is the one with some fun and easy language to make you understand and give a feel of actual product. C/O FlightTest

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 price in India is Rs. 34990/- and the power edition is available at Rs. 44990/- 

So if you're looking to buy Drones and you live in India, here is the dailyobjects' deal on Parrot AR Drone waiting for you. Don't forget to share your work with us later on.

By Atin Sharma 

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